Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is Nate... We've had a busy these past 2 weekends. Thought I'd pick up the blogging slack on behalf of our family. Love you Tashina. :) Keeping this simple, we went to Idaho see my best bud Steve Stone marry the girl of his dreams, Margie. Wedding and reception were amazing. We are so happy to see them HAPPY. I was reminded of how awesome summer is in Idaho. Weather was amazing. We had a good time feeding the ducks with Brevik, visiting Dad/Grandpa Birch, checking out the falls, and well..... I TURNED THE BIG 3-0! Tashina hooked me up with a special day and the Stones took Brevik so we could have dinner together. Awesome. And, I am old! The following weekend we went to Southen California for a quick visit to Disney and a day at the beach! So fun getting to hang with my brother Doug's family here from Hawaii, Sandee's family, and the greatest Mom on earth! What a fun time. After breaking the land speed record today, we are home. All vacationed out! Till July 4th that is, then back to Idaho. SoCal again in August! Over and out!


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